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4 Best Magazine Pouches For Your Belt

4 Best Magazine Pouches For Your Belt

Mag carrier has to be simple to customize with your pocket, holster, service jacket or even regular belt. You need to have a scenario implementation and a good contingency in your shooting time.

1. HQDA Dual-Stack Ar Mag Carrier for Glock

The HQDA, the most secure gun magazine pouch, is the pouch that we are going to show you.

Two magazines would be carried together unforeseenly in the pouch. Because of its impressive constant consistency and endurance, most people love it. Moreover, the sack should be easily compliant with the professional or private belt.

Therefore, you can get the best plate carrier pouches inside the budget if you want to retrieve the daily magazine with absolutely no grip, as the pouch is tightly gripped and made of high-tech polymer.

Principal attributes

  • Built Allen wrench
  • The Easy-Grip Grip Abrasion most reliable for handguns

2. Mako Ar Mag Carrier, Polymer, with Belt Paddle

A paddle pouch is suitable for your long-range pistol, as it secures the arm and secures it with the belt. Now, we speak of a form of magazine holder made of polymer like this. The Mako magazine pouch is a pretty convenient option for you.

The Mako airsoft pouch is rapidly clipped in and it won’t go everywhere you go. If required, you can loosen the magazine, even if it is tightly integrated and does not wobble. So you’re going to do flawlessly.

The pouch is what we enjoy the most. It’s so stable when you adjust well.


  • Stay securely with you
  • Simple to uninstall
  • Precious magazine Ar
  • The polymer offers immense service life.

3. CYTAC Single/Double Ar Mag Carrier

The non-slip friction mechanism allows the bag to adhere tightly to the keeper. And you can conveniently bring on/off the bag in a difficult situation. To alter the bag’s diameter precisely, loosen or rotate the bolt.

For a mag carrier, a durable surface is also needed. That is why CYTAC offers a durable bag with intensive weather conditions. You should work on this at high temperatures, and it will not break out of the sweaty grasp.

You can carry your weapons free of charge. Even if this magazine is tiny in size, it holds your magazine closely so do not think about missing it.


  • Magnificent length of life
  • Work with a belt
  • Simple to purify
  • Strong coherence polymer

4. IDOGEAR Tactical Ar Mag Carrier

A high level plastic container, which makes it possible to have no blemishes. The holder is extremely compatible to have a clip in your MOLLE machine clothing. You can turn this airsoft magazine pouch easy with the backpack or webbing jacket.

IOGEAR pouches, particularly crafted with an elastic cord, keep your magic tighter and firmer with the pouch.

Thus, you would have too many advantages if you buy this silicone pouch. It’s a long time helping you and you can conveniently clean it up. It can only make a first impression on your mind because of its excellent nature.

Principal attributes

  • Fast release capability Nice retention potential Nice
  • Provides a strong grip


When on the market, the pouch differs, not suggesting that everyone is of the lowest nature. That’s why you need to stand with the right belt ar mag carrier that will give your running or susceptibility a comfortable balance.

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Review 4 Best Magazine Pouches For Your Belt.

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